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An example of a JDK Creations custom Austin camper renovation  in a 1979 Chevy Coachmen Cadet.

JDK Creations can morph your old camper into a recreational living space. From restoring junked out RVs to Austin Airstream restoration, our team can turn remodel your old camper or RV into a fresh and functional living space.

With the popularity of tiny houses on the rise, many people in urban areas are considering downsizing and moving into tiny homes, RVs, and travel trailers. Let JDK Creations optimize your small space and create your ‘dream home on wheels.’ Our team is experienced in Austin camper remodel and design and can show you how best to utilize a small space when turning it into living quarters.

Considering an Austin camper remodel for recreational or residential use? Give us a call and let us know how to turn your camper, trailer, or bus into a living space to suit your unique needs.

Here’s some recent feedback from one of our camper remodel Austin clients:

“I love my camper! From start to finish, Jeremy and his team were top notch. I brought in a totally junked out 1979 Class C Chevy Coachmen that had been chewed by mice, ruined with water damage, and altogether just needed gutted. Jeremy and his team worked with me to design the space, giving me recommendations on how best to use the space along with what would and wouldn’t work with my camper. They made suggestions along the way that I’d never even considered, and it made the end result totally perfect. They even saved the original door handles from the cabinets to re-use as a nod to the “old” camper which I thought was fantastic. They sent me pictures throughout the whole process so I could see the progress being made. Everything has been fabulous since I picked it up, and I’ve been living in it daily ever since, which has been a dream of mine. Very, very happy with JDK Creations!” –Liz S. Austin, Texas



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