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So you’ve had a great idea – you love tacos, or barbecue, or dumplings, or some other great food, and you’re pretty good at making it. You should totally start a food truck! Maybe so…and maybe not. The food truck business is competitive, expensive, and often a fuller-than-full-time gig. It’s not for everybody, and hundreds of food trucks close each year because they turn out to be financially unsustainable or too big of a time commitment. However, when everything falls into place, a food truck can turn out to be a very lucrative enterprise that becomes woven into the fabric of the community. Before you make any solid decisions one way or the other, consider the following information…

If you live in an area that already has a lot of food trucks, it’s likely that most of the basic mobile food groups are already covered. There may already be a taco truck, a sandwich truck, a coffee truck, a barbecue truck, an ice cream truck, and a cupcake truck. If you want to join the fray, you’ll either have to sell something totally new or find a way to make your dishes stand head-and-shoulders above the crowd. If there aren’t many food trucks in your area already, it may be due to the high cost of local permits, overly strict zoning and parking regulations, or a lack of interest from the potential customer base. Before you invest any money or any significant time into making your food truck dream a reality, do yourself a favor and do some serious research on all of the issues listed in this paragraph, and then decide whether or not you can afford put in the money or work once you know how things stand.

Running a food truck is an enormous financial commitment. There’s just no getting around that. Even a used vehicle will cost you tens of thousands of dollars, and then you’ll likely need to have it remodeled and/or repainted to meet your specific needs, plus you’ll have to pay for gas, parking permits, regular maintenance, and repairs. You’ll have to purchase all the ingredients you’ll need, and due to the limited storage space in a food truck, you may not be able to buy them in bulk like a regular restaurant, which may mean you’ll pay more over time. You’ll have to buy goods such as cups, napkins, and utensils. You’ll need insurance and food safety permits, business cards and advertising materials. And you’ll probably need employees too. You may be able to run the truck all by yourself at first, but if business takes off, you’ll most likely need to spend your days doing chores such as making calls and answering emails, and you’ll still need someone to cook and serve the food.

Like any small business, there’s always one more thing on the to-do list. From advertising to in-person promotion, from paying bills to drawing up a staff schedule, from hiring new employees to making sure that they’re properly trained, from interacting with customers in person and via social media, it will seem like the work is never done. Expect no vacations and minimal holidays, at least for the first few years. Depending on how you run your business, you may put a lot of miles on the food truck, and you’ll likely put a lot of miles on your regular car from running errands. But if you’re willing and able to put in the time, chances are you won’t regret it.

Operating a food truck is certainly not for the faint of heart, or for someone who’s only partially committed to the goal. But if you have the money, the time, and the drive, you can build a business that you love and that other people love. And JDK Creations is here to make your life simpler with wonderful, affordable food truck remodeling in Austin!

Proper Care for Your Black Water Tank | JDK Creations | Austin Camper Repair | Camper Remodeling Austin Texas


Proper Care of a Blackwater Tank

If your camper is a residential or recreational, proper care of your black water tank is key. The camper repair Austin Texas specialists are ready to assist you with your plumbing needs.
If your camper is a residential or recreational, proper care of your black water tank is key. The camper repair Austin Texas specialists are ready to assist you with your plumbing needs.

| JDK Creations | Camper Remodeling Austin | Austin Food Truck Remodel & Repair Professionals

Whether living an an RV full time or just taking your new Austin camper remodel out a few times a season, taking proper care of your black water tank will not only extend the life of your tank but will make your camper experience more enjoyable.


For starters, black water tank basics:

A black water tank is essentially your wastewater tank that connects directly to your camper’s toilet. If you are not on hookups (which means your camper is directly connected to sewage) your blackwater tank begins to fill up each time you use your toilet. (Usually, shower water is connected to your grey water tank, which will be a separate article, although many of the protocols used for handling black water also apply to grey water tanks)

Your black water tank will probably need emptied frequently. This not only prevents build up in your tank but will you and anyone accompanying you on your journey a happier camper. Blackwater tanks, no matter how well cared for, can begin to produce an odor. It is recommended that you empty your black water tanks at 2/3 capacity, but we recommended emptying them after each trip even if they haven’t reached the 2/3 mark. If you are living in an RV full time, following the 2/3 rule will be an adequate emptying schedule for you to follow.

When completing the process of dumping your tanks you will need

  1. Latex (or similar) gloves (remember, the sludge coming from your tanks IS toxic and you do not want any of if to get on your person or clothing)
  2. Hose and nozzle specifically made for the emptying of RV tanks. If you need help locating one of these hoses, ask your Austin camper remodeling specialists at JDK Creations about where to purchase them and the best kind suited for your camper.
  3. Water hose. Most dump stations will have a hose, but it is a good idea to carry your own just in case.
  4. Enzyme cleaner and dish soap

Dumping your tank can be done at a dumping facility like a truck stop, state park, or most campgrounds. When hooking up the sewage system, be sure to attach the nozzle to the sewage dump first. This will help keep any mess off of the ground and yourself. Once you are securely connected to the hookup, attach the other end of the hose directly to your blackwater tank. You will then pull a lever on your tank which will release the contents of your blackwater tank into the sewage hookup.

Dumping your tanks, however, is only half the battle of keeping your blackwater tank in proper order.

There area few steps to follow after the actual dumping in order to maintain a healthy plumbing system. If your tank has the capability of pressure washing which many newer models do, you will want to use the pressure wash option until you see the water running clear. If you have the option of adding a newer model tank to your Austin camper remodel, we definitely recommend going with that option as it helps keep your tanks in the best possible condition with the least amount of effort. If not, there are still many other ways to keep your tanks clean and functional.

Enzyme treatments are important for the care of any black water camper tank.Using an enzyme treatment can help eat away at any odor causing particles and when used correctly can help get rid of any hardened matter. After emptying your tank, put one gallon of water along with your enzyme treatment back in your tank. When driving, the concoction should slosh around enough to get the enzyme treatment thoroughly through the tank.

Another step to take when maintaining your black water tank is using camper specific toilet paper which degrades quickly, and using another black water tank additive to help dissolve any toilet paper in your blackwater tank.


Caring for your blackwater system is a simple yet extremely important process when it comes to caring for the plumbing in your camper. If your camper is an older model, especially, as some of your plumbing may be older. When looking for someone to complete your camper remodeling, Austin owned JDK Creations will be able to determine whether or not your plumbing system is in working order, and repair or replace any part of the system that is not up to par. If at any time you feel like there is something wrong with your black water tank or plumbing system, get it looked at by an Austin camper repair specialist at JDK Creations immediately. Catching a problem early can save you money lots and lots of heartache.

As always, with any questions about Austin camper remodel, Austin camper repair, or Austin Airstream restoration, don’t hesitate to give us a call at JDK Creations!


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5 Things to Consider When Downsizing Into a “Tiny Home” or Camper | JDK Creations Austin Camper Remodeling & Repair

With skyrocketing rent prices sweeping urban areas across the nation, a staggering number of people are electing to downsize into a smaller living space. Living in a small and portable space allows for not only more financial freedom, but allows for ease of moving, travel, and an all-over simpler way of life.

JDK Creations is proud to be your Austin camper remodeling specialists. We can turn your camper into a custom mobile living space, built to your specifications.






Locally, Austin has many RV parks where both campers and tiny homes are welcome, and the almost constant summer-like weather allows for a full-time camper dweller to live fairly comfortably. Whether you’re starting from a camper shell or an already livable camper, chances are you’re going to need to (and want to) make some modifications to your camper to better utilize the space, as most RVs and campers are not originally built for full-time use.  While you don’t have to be a minimalist when it comes to living an a small space, keeping a few things in mind when you plan out your Austin camper remodel will be well worth the planning.


  1. Storage

Storage is quite possibly the most important aspect of planning your camper remodel. Think of the amount of drawers you have, the amount of closets, the amount of shelving, and imagine stuffing all of that into a space that’s likely 300sq ft or less. When downsizing, you’re going to end of purging a lot of your belongings, but for the things you absolutely cannot get rid of or store somewhere, you’re going to need a decent amount of storage space. Paperwork that you need to have on hand and a tool kit, for example, are not items you will necessarily need every day, but are items that you will want to be easily accessible when you do need them. Then, there are your daily use items; from extra toilet paper to dishes to dog food, the things in your home that you think take up the least amount of space all prove to be very space-consuming. And remember, while you are planning a camper remodel in Austin, Texas and we get a minimal amount of cold weather, you will at some point need a thick, winter jacket. Plan your storage space considering the necessities first, and utilize every inch of your camper. Vertical shelving not only makes a small space looks bigger, it is a more efficient use of space.  Extra storage can be built in places that you may not have considered while living in a house or apartment. For example, storage areas can be built underneath the couch, or underneath a platform bed.


2. Water Accessibility

Depending on whether or not you plan to have your vehicle attached to hookups or consistently on the move will be a large factor in the size of water tank you will want to consider while planning your Austin camper remodel. Texas is hot, and we often use water for more than we think beyond drinking. Cleaning, showering, washing dishes, watering plants, providing water for pets, or even just brushing your teeth, the water we use for daily activities adds up quickly. Someone who is planning on taking their camper on the road for extended periods of time should consider a larger freshwater tank than someone who is planning on parking their camper or RV at a campsite. Even if you’re planning on attaching to hookups at a campsite long term, you should always have a backup water supply on hand in case there are issues with the utilities at the campgrounds.


3. Electrical Outlets

Where you place your electrical outlets may seem like a no-brainer, but when planning your camper remodel, this is of high importance. If you have an over-cab bed in an RV, you will likely want an electrical outlet within reach for alarm clock, charging your phone, or a light by your bed. Carefully planning on where to put outlets in your kitchen area is also important. Having outlets higher up or on the underside of an overhead cabinet can save valuable counter space when you are arranging your kitchen.


4. Pets

If you have pets, considering their needs is important when drawing out your blueprints with your Austin camper remodel professionals. No matter if they are large or small, they will need a space of their own to feel comfortable and safe, whether it be a small ledge underneath the kitchen table or a section of a room in your camper where they have enough space to lie down. Campers can feel very cramped if your pets are constantly searching for a space to make their own, comfortable spot. Plan in advance and save a space for their needs, specifically. Also, consider where they will eat and drink, and plan a space where you can put out their food and water without kicking over their water bowl while walking through your camper.


5. Windows

When planning your Austin camper remodel, consider the amount of windows you would like to have in your new, smaller space. While you may want a bright and open space, a lot of windows and impede your storage and keep everything shoved into one part of your camper. Having a window or two on each side of the camper, including the back, should be adequate enough to bring in natural light, and your Austin camper remodel specialists are able to add extra windows to your vehicle during the remodel.


Living in a smaller space takes a lot of forethought and planning if you want to stay in an RV or camper long term, but is completely worth the experience. Living in a small space can be an exercise in wants versus needs, and an exercise in ‘intentional living,’ allowing you to consider things like the amount of water you use, and the amount of things that you buy, considering that clutter builds quickly in a small space.

Having help in your design can be a definite lifesaver. You Austin camper remodel specialists at JDK Creations are happy to assist you in every step of your design and can help you decide the best use of your space, while creating the mobile living quarters that you’ve always dreamed of.

Call us today to schedule an appointment or let us know how we can help create the best mobile living space suited to your unique needs.



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